Design By Humans – The 8-Bit Collection! #retro

Hey, I’m back! With a recent kick up in Youtube activity I figured I should probably start updating the website, which I constantly plug on every video. So here I am with some handsome and clever tees, courtesy of “Design By Humans.”

I am quite the fan of DBH and recently placed an order of my own; Straight out of their classy, retro 8-Bit Collection. If you’re a retro-head like me – you will most definitely find something you absolutely have to have. Be the envy of your friends and family with the help of Design By Humans, and check out all of their other merchandise collections.

Prepare yourself for one of the most unique collections of awesome tees, and more!

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Fart Filtering Panties!

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Eww, you nasty b**ch. You have a bit of a problem, but you also are trying to make a good first impression? Look no further! Dubz has got your nasty, stinkin’ ass covered!

Shreddies are the underwear that keeps those unwanted odors at bay. As my grandma always said, “better out than in,” and now you can let ’em rip without worry.
Shreddies are made of the exact same carbon fiber material utilized in chemical warfare and hazmat suits. If the smell of your butt burps penetrate these panties, you deserve an award…or you should be terminated to avoid accidentally triggering World War 3.

These undies are perfect for that awkward dating phase when you’re not quite ready to expose your new partner to the smell of your nasty a$$. Then again, maybe you have a legit medical condition from years spent in the anal porn industry, leaving your sphincter muscles weak and unable to hold in the wind? Whatever the case, Shreddies are there to help you out.

Now, if only we could solve that whole problem of the sound of flatulence. Maybe stick a kazoo up there or something? That could be a fun time.

They also have Shreddies for men, however, I don’t know many men who don’t want their farts to be enjoyed by the masses.

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Hungry For COCK!? #GiftIdeas #Recipes

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Do we really need to say any more? It’s a recipe book focused on Chicken dishes…with balls. Cocks, and balls. Get it? El, Oh, El.

Seriously, Dubz loves chicken pretty much any way it can be prepared, as do most people. You can never go wrong with a nice cock dish. OK, no more cock jokes from me.
The “with balls” bit comes in because we’re talking spicy, hearty meals here. At the risk of being called sexist (meh, what else is new?) we’re talking manly chicken recipes here.

Get it for yourself or your favorite chef and enjoy cock in more ways than you ever thought possible!

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The AMAZING Dino Pet! #Giftideas #Amazing #SoCool

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Remember Sea Monkeys? No? OK well…go ask your parents to explain Sea Monkeys to you, then come back right away.

Yes? Well then, I present to you the Sea Monkeys of the 21st Century: Bioluminescent Dinoflagellates!

This dinosaur shaped aquarium plays home to glow-in-the-dark plankton creating a beautiful, soothing, living light show. Perfect as a comforting night-light for kids of all ages, or as a simple conversation starter in your living room.
Sea Monkeys were boring shrimp that didn’t even do 1/4 of the crap the advertisements said they did, yet these Plankton work exactly as advertised and actually provide a service to your home!

You really just have to see this stuff in action for yourself to understand how amazing it is. Check out the rest of this post below for a video and more information.

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Cookie Shot Glass Maker, Because Dipping Is Soo Last Century! #Giftideas #Yum

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How did we ever eat cookies with milk before this invention came along? Dipping? Pfft. Boring! Not to mention dipping finger tips in the milk, or having a cookie too big to fit down in a glass. Some total genius out there finally took the initiative to fix these age old problems, and to whoever that man or woman was – we thank you! To have a shot glass made from your favorite kind of cookie, filled to the brim with milk…I honestly think I may have had a dream about this on more than one occasion.

According to the website you can make a shot glass out of pretty much anything that can be baked within the mold. Maybe you want brownie shots? How about Snickerdoodle? You name it, and have fun experimenting! In my personal opinion, this is a must have baking item for every kitchen.

Perfect for family game night, children’s parties, Santa Claus, office parties, and AA meetings!

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Gun Shot Glasses, For Your Inner Gangster. #Guns #Alcohol #Fun #Gangsta

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If you enjoy a good pun as much as you enjoy getting loose with friends, these shot glasses are just what you need! Grab the pistol, take a breath, then take the shot! These guns won’t kill, but they’ll definitely f*ck some sh*t up…mainly your sobriety.

What could be more fun than coming up with a Russian Roulette drinking game involving these gangster shooters?
Dubzlist recommends filling 2 of the glasses up with water, 1 with vodka, place each on a section of a Twister (the game) spinner, then knock back the glass you land on. Be creative and come up with something, you have shot glasses shaped like things that shoot for Heston’s sakes!

Have fun, but be RESPONSIBLE!

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Sexy Time! #Sextoys #Forher #Naughty

Hey ladies!  Isn’t it about time to replace that old vibrator?  Huh?  Huh?  Of course it is!
Here at Dubzlist we are also partnered up with some great Adult toy stores, and one of them just so happens to be having an amazing sale right now!

Check out Lovehoney and pick up some new fun toys or lingerie. From pleasure to pain, they have some very naughty and nice items for rock bottom prices.
Go get some today…and feel free to invite Dubz over if you need some help using your new, um…”equipment.”  😉

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Marshall Guitar Amp Key Holder – #Guitar #Marshall

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Nobody has time to deal with lost keys, not even rock stars. Well, the days of being late for work (or band practice,) because of the great key hunt, are over!

Check out this sweet key rack modeled after the classic Marshall guitar amp head. Mount this baby by the front door, put one of the nifty guitar plug keychains on your keyring, then just plug in as you walk in, and unplug as you walk out! Every time you come home you will feel like a rock star plugging in for the big gig.

The Marshall Key Rack comes with 4 keychain plugs for the whole rockin’ family, and includes all necessary equipment for mounting.

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Cat Wine! Because Kitty Deserves a Break Too! #Cats #Kitty #Giftideas

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Meow? Me-Yum!

Is your pussy out of control? Wait, wait…let me rephrase that.
Is your kitty cat on edge?

Even the life of a feline can be a bit stressful. Hunting mice, chasing birds, swatting at dangling strings, climbing curtains, and lest we forget that pesky red dot that seems to come out of nowhere at random. As humans we have many ways to escape our woes.
Shouldn’t our furry friends get a break from real life sometimes, too? Well, now they can!

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Feisty Pets Will Eat Your Soul! #GiftGuide #GiftIdeas #Christmas #Unique

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Feisty Pets put a new spin on the classic, boring stuffed animal by injecting some fierce attitude. At a glance the Teddy Bear looks like any other Teddy, but with a squeeze he goes from cuddly to killer! Feisty Pets come in a variety of species to suit every personality. From cat to bear, from dog to unicorn; there’s a whole evil animal kingdom to explore!

This is the great, unique gift of 2016 as far as I’m concerned. Perfect for kids and adult kids alike, everyone will appreciate the surprise contained within these plush animals. Little Billy will love to use the panda bear to give grandma a good jump scare to keep that ticker on its toes. Put a feisty bunny in an Easter Basket as an extra surprise for little Jenny, just have a change of underwear on hand for the poor kid. Get your special lady the cuddly kitten she always wanted, then laugh as it eats her very soul!

Read on below for a bonus Feisty Pet and a video showing these creepy critters in action.

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